Monday, May 30, 2016

My Journey As A Creative Designer - Woodworking and Beyond #1737: A New Series of Designs - Almost Ready!

It seems like I haven’t blogged forever. Even though I have only missed for a week, it feels like much more time has passed than that. It has been over six years since I began posting nearly every day, and breaking away from that routine has been difficult, but I feel for now it is necessary. 

We are going though many changes at this time. Keith and I have made the decision to move into a larger place and there is much preparation that needs to be done to make our move go smoothly. For the past seven years, we have run our business our of a small, one bedroom apartment. We were fortunate to have some closet space, but in order to do wood cutting or other types of project work, we needed to clean off all the counters and set up our ‘shop’ in the kitchen/living area. 

We made it work, but as our business continues to grow and as I spread my wings in several directions and we both become even busier, we realize that the time spent setting up and cleaning afterword for each of our various tasks is taking valuable time away from our creative process. It is just time to move on. 

We found a nice, large home for rent just down the block. I felt this was ideal because I love living near the river. The 'neighborhood’ here is filled with trees and large properties that span into the forested areas around us and offer a setting that is peaceful, beautiful and inspirational. I am so happy we will still have that. 

The people who own the house are wonderful as well. They are long time family friends of Keith’s family, which means there is some history there and mutual trust. Upon meeting them several months ago, I immediately felt that things were 'right’ between us and I think we all look forward to a wonderful and long relationship. They have purchased a home about 2 hours drive away, but they want to keep this home in the family. They entrust us with their history and the roots in caring for thier home while we are there, and we like the long term relationship that they proposed. It is a perfect match. 

But as the time is coming to make the actual move, much preparation needs to be done. Keith and I are having a grand time planning our living and work spaces. Both of us love being organized and since we will have probably four times the room as we have now, we are both thrilled and excited to enter this new venture. I certainly will be blogging about it in the future, as we each are developing our own personal work spaces and studios/shops in which we will spend our time. 

For myself – I will have a large room to call a studio of my own. I already have purchased many of the furniture and storage items that will be in it and I can’t wait to see it all come together. It will be bright, efficient and beautiful all at once, and I hope to create some of my best work yet in such a wonderful environment. To say I am beyond excited is truly an understatement. 

But for now, we are in the planning/shopping stage, which may not be so interesting. We look to be fully moved in by the first of July, and the month ahead will certainly be busy.  I am not sure how much I will post between then and now, as I am trying to eek in some 'real work’ in between the planning and shopping and organizing and preparing everything here for the move. The days are very full, but I am afraid I have little to show for it in the line of design work. 

I DO have some new things planned though, and I will be working on them as much as I am able. I am nearly ready to unveil this next series of scroll saw patterns, and I should have the first ones up within the next week. Here is a quick peek at what I am working on … 

I am calling this series “Sheila Landry Designs Elements” and it will consist of separate components which will be presented in several different ways in each pattern so that my customers can use them as they see fit.  What you are seeing in the photo are part of what is available from the first TWO patterns. The robins all come in one pattern and the flowers all come in another. Each pattern packet will have four separate views of a certain subject (i.e. “robin” or “crocus”) presented as both overlay pieces or scrolled right into the background, and they will fit convienently into four shaped frames. The frames will also come in a single packet, with a circle, oval, square and rectangle. What you are seeing here is the “basic” frame set. More elaborate frames will follow. 

The idea of this series is that any of the components from the SLDE groupings will be able to be mixed and matched to work together. You can cut the pieces as overlays or inlays. You can leave them natural or tint them with paint if you like. You can use them not only in the frames, but on other plaques, box lids, etc. as you needs require. They are really something that allows you to customize and design their own unique projects, using the elements provided. 

I got the idea to do this type of series because so many come to us with special requests. In trying to decide what to create next, I had trouble figuring what to do first. Should I do a robin with a crocus? Or a hummingbird with a fuschia?  Or a robin with a daisy? What shape should I make them? Should I make a box or a napkin holder or a plaque?  It is so hard to figure sometimes what people will want. This allows the customer to fine tune the designs to their own desires and that of their own customers (for those who create things to sell.) 

I am still in the process of creating the general idea booklet that will accompany this series of designs. In it I will offer basic instructions and suggestions as to how they can be used. I hope this will only be the beginning for most of my customers and they will take these elements and run with them to create their own unique projects. I think it will be lots of fun. 

As with anything new, it is taking a little time to get things launched in the right direction. But after spending the weekend cutting and preparing these first few designs, I think I am on the right track. I think I have a winner here and I can see so many wonderful subject matters that will work well with this concept (hummingbirds, horses, different flowers and backgrounds and even different frame shapes and designs to name a few …)  I think it will be a wonderful new adventure. 

So I ask that you bear with me over the next few weeks. In addition to these designs, I have some other projects that I am developing both with other artists and for myself. while my posts here may be spotty over the next few weeks, I hope to come and blog when I have something substantial to show you, and as I get settled in my new home, I certainly will get back in the habit of blogging on a daily basis. 

I hope you like this idea and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. I am making lists of patterns to follow in this series and I can see being busy for a long, long time. 

I hope you come along for the ride! :)  

Happy Monday to you all! 

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